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About VSG Consulting

VSG Consulting has over 10 years of experience in providing exceptional services to businesses and nonprofits. I specialise in igniting the growth and success of my clients by offering comprehensive support across a wide range of areas.

My expertise and dedication enable me to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each organisation I work with.

Whether you are a small business, a larger corporate or a nonprofit organisation, I have the expertise and knowledge to drive positive change and achieve sustainable success.

How VSG Consulting works

We utilize a systematic approach to address your requirements, guaranteeing streamlined and impactful outcomes.



I dive deep into understanding your unique needs and goals, gathering valuable insights to lay the groundwork for our collaboration.


Together, we create a clear roadmap that outlines the journey ahead, setting milestones, timelines, and deliverables, ensuring we’re aligned every step of the way.


It’s time to bring your vision to life! I’ll roll up my sleeves, leveraging expertise and resources to execute the plan, while staying flexible and keeping communication channels open.



We assess the results, gather feedback, and measure the impact of my work, making necessary adjustments to improve and ensure your satisfaction.

Client database

Just a quick overview of the wide range of past and potential future clients.











Case Studies

Global M

International Recruitment Agency

Through the implementation of a comprehensive custom ATM and CRM system, I revolutionized account management for Global M, streamlining their operations and enhancing customer experiences. Additionally, I successfully spearheaded a complete rebranding initiative, revitalizing the organization’s image and positioning them for future growth.

8 months • 30hs / week


All Suriname Tours

Tour Operator

I carried out the successful implementation of a brand new website, providing an immersive online platform for their customers to explore and book their dream tours. Additionally, I spearheaded the development of a fully automated booking system, streamlining their operations and enhancing efficiency. Alongside these achievements, I also led rebranding efforts, giving the organisation a fresh and captivating identity.

5 months • 15hs / week


The services

With a proven track record of success, VSG Consulting has earned a reputation for delivering tangible results. I understand that every business and nonprofit operates in a dynamic and challenging environment, and I am committed to helping my clients navigate these challenges effectively.


Enhance your organization’s social impact through comprehensive CSR development solutions, building sustainable initiatives that make a meaningful difference for both businesses and nonprofits.


Maximize your fundraising potential with expert guidance, leveraging innovative strategies and tailored campaigns to attract and engage donors, driving financial support for your nonprofit.


Stand out online with expert website creation services, combining stunning design, user-friendly functionality, and seamless navigation to capture visitors and drive your digital presence to new heights.


Boost productivity and efficiency across your organization with automation solutions, empowering businesses and nonprofits to streamline processes, reduce manual workloads, and accelerate growth.


Use the power of technology with specialized IT tools implementation services, preparing you for using Google Workspace, Airtable, Make.com, Slack, WordPress or other great low-cost tools.


Unlock your organization’s full potential with strategic development expertise to craft robust roadmaps that drive sustainable growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.


Safeguard your organization’s success with policy creation services, whether it’s developing comprehensive safeguarding measures or crafting HR policies, ensuring compliance and an inclusive environment.

HR Management

Build exceptional teams and optimize HR processes with HR management services, empowering businesses and nonprofits to attract, develop, and retain top talent while creating a positive work culture.

Program & project building

Ignite progress with program and project building expertise, assisting businesses and nonprofits in conceptualizing, planning, and executing impactful initiatives, projects or complete programs.

Your dedicated consultant

Vincent Simon van Grondelle is a highly skilled and versatile consultant with extensive experience in both nonprofit and corporate sectors. With over 10 years of professional expertise under his belt, Vincent has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges faced by organizations of all types. 

Vincent’s comprehensive background enables him to offer a wide range of services through VSG Consulting. Whether it’s strategic planning, organizational development, process improvement, or change management, Vincent is equipped to provide expert guidance and support. His proficiency extends beyond traditional consulting methods, as he possesses a thorough understanding of dozens of efficiency tools that can optimize operations and enhance productivity.

Years of experience

Companies worked for

Large projects launched

Websites built

What clients say

Discover why my clients compliment the exceptional services and transformative results.

“We recently worked with Vincent to update our company website and improve other internal processes and tools. It was a great experience! He was able to take our ideas, and concepts and create a smooth user experience. He has a good eye for design, and is a capable project manager, leading to a timely completion. I would highly recommend his services.”

Nick Waller | CEO & Founder @ Global M

“We asked Vincent to improve marketing and communication aspects of our company. In three months he did this to the utmost, including building a complete new website, improving our online (social media) presence, improving our employees’ communication skills and implementing new online applications for our invoices, calendar and other office processes.”

Ronny Bhoelai | Director @ All Suriname Tours

“Vincent is one of the smartest and reliable people I have worked with. He’s adaptive to client needs yet helps us keep social impact in the core of the project. His project management skills are exceptional, he is fast to deliver and at the same time puts relationships at the core of his work. It has been a real pleasure to work with Vincent and I would gladly recommend his work.”

Viliana Dzhartova | Social Impact Manager @ SME

“Vincent is a passionate person, fully dedicated to the things he does. He always works with an extra mile approach, bringing added values to topics he takes care of. In our project Vincent automated reports by creating Dashboards for different departments. Vincent is very attentive to details and able to detect trends and do root cause analysis. It was a pleasure to work with him!”

Evgeniya Chigeneva | Operations Manager @ Webhelp

Pricing Tiers

Engage VSG Consulting on a cost-effective hourly basis, or opt for a flexible monthly contract of 20 or 30 hours per week with discounted hourly rates, with the option to extend each month based on the scale of your project or specific requirements.

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